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...and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Sami Rouhiainen and what you will find here is a lot of images created with various mediums over the years. The site is as much of a tool for me to see how I've progressed with my skills over the years as it is a way to share the artwork.

I’m a digital painter and I enjoy letting my imagination run free to create visuals that are beyond the reality we live in. Characters, portraits, captured moments and expressions are also subjects that inspire me.

Art is my passion, and I've been painting and drawing since I was a little kid.

Among the comics, cartoons and movies I grew up with, my biggest sources for inspiration and wanting to learn more have been the works Shoji Kawamori, Syd Mead, Masamune Shirow, John Byrne, Jim Lee, Bob Ross and his forever happy trees.

I hope you enjoy going through the site. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the images, then please do contact me. :-)

Thank you for your time.

p.s. If you have professional interest in my work, then please continue to the Portfolio section of the site.

09.07.2014 - ROPECON FLASHMARKET 25.7.2014, Crazy sale prices on all the big prints!

You can find me from the Ropecon flash market on the 25.7.2014. All big prints will be on sale, hope to see you there!

01.03.2014 - First event of 2014, Tampere Kuplii Comics Festival (29.3.-30.3.2014)

Tampere Kuplii will be the first event for me this year. You can find me again from the indie side of the event, Pienlehtimarssi (2nd floor, Galleria Bertel). Hope to see you there!

29.09.2013 - Last event of the year, Fanfest (5.-6.10.2013)

Fanfest will be the last event of the year for me. You can find me and a few new paintings at the art section of the event (taidekuja). Hope to see you there!

08.09.2013 - Happily winding down after the Helsinki Comics festival

The weekend was intense, interesting and a lot of fun, and I'm already missing the buzz of the festival area and all the people I had the chance to talk and get acquainted with.

My sincerest thank you to all you who visited my table, you made me a happy artist during the weekend!

29.08.2013 - Getting ready for Helsinki Comics Festical

Boy, oh boy! It's been a year since I started attending the events with my paintings and now it is time again for the Helsinki Comics Festival where it all started. So excited!

Hope to see you there! You can find me again from the indie section of the event.

29.07.2013 - Holy ROPECON XX

Mondays suck, especially the ones after Ropecon... Withdrawal symptoms aside, a big thank you to all you wonderful people who I met at the Convention! :-)

09.07.2013 - Life after FINNCON 2013

Wow, now that was a festival! I barely survived the weekend with the little sleep I got between the days, but man the weekend was a blast! A big, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who visited my table.

23.06.2013 - FINNCON 2013 @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 5.-7.7.2013

I'll be attending the convention for all three days and you can find me from the taidekuja/art alley. As usual, I should have a new painting or two available, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood then please drop by!

selected works

Cold Dawn

Most of my 2012 was spent painting Space scenes & Sci-Fi.


First speedpaint of the year 2011. With my thoughts lost in years past and in stories heard.

Winter Fox

I painted a few fox themed landscape paintings last year. It was a lot of fun to explore more traditional themes.

Silent Warrior

Clearly, I do not paint enough Ninjas.

Classic Beauty

A semi-speedpaint of Anouk Aimee from 1964. A stunningly beautiful woman. <3

Emergency EVA

This was my first published cover image. A magazine called Tähtivaeltaja, issue 2/2012 . Happy times!


I love painting landscapes, but I usually have to add something out of this world to the image before I can call it finished.


I was trying out a very minimalistic approach with this one. I love the atmosphere of the scene.